Cookies & Lapis

Cookies and Lapis

🎊Raya Gathering MUST Have‼️
🤩Cookies & Lapis Cheer Up Your Guest‼️

✅Local most recognizable bakery brand😎
✅HALAL products let you eat at ease😌
✅SDS Members can enjoy more discount‼️🤑

🚛Delivery service available throughout whole Malaysia🇲🇾
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🎊Raya gathering snacking is the most enjoyable moment‼️😍
😎And, SDS Raya cookies🍪 and Lapis are the best choice during open house‼️😋
👉8 delectable cookies flavours and 3 Lapis choices 😍
🥳Prepare to rock your Raya party‼️

😃 Palatable Cookies Satisfy Your Guests 👍
➡️ Nyonya Pineapple Cookies - signature Nyonya Cookies baked with pineapple paste🍍, makes your Raya snacking non-stopable😋
➡️ Chocolate Cookies - Crisp cookies with chocolate🍫, kids first choice👍
➡️ Melting Almond Cookies - Fluffy cookies🍪 baked with Almond slice😋
➡️ Sugee Cookies - Milky🥛 and crumbly cookies melt in your mouth for every bite😍

🍪Cookies delivery🚛 throughout whole Peninsular Malaysia🇲🇾 & Singapore🇸🇬‼️
😍Buy more to enjoy more discount‼️
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😃 Classic Lapis, Traditional Taste of Raya 🎊
➡️ Kuih Lapis Original - Classic cinnamon layer cake😋
➡️ Prune Kuih Lapis - Cinnamon layer cake plus chewy prune😍
➡️ Pandan Kuih Lapis - Cinnamon layer cake baked with Pandan leaf🤩

👉 SDS members eligible for 10% discount for any cookies or lapis purchase‼️🤑
👉 Lapis delivery🚛 exclusively for JOHOR BAHRU & Singapore only‼️
👉 Pre-order at least 7 days in advance

😆What are you waiting for⁉️
🤩Raya sudah dekat‼️
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