TW04 Beautiful Life 白头偕老

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Minimum Purchase:
10 units
Bulk Pricing:
Buy in bulk and save

Price shown = 1 box

Every box consists of:

• 2 Mini Slice Cakes
• 2 Brownies
• 2 Polo Puffs
• 4 Mini Cup Cakes
• 2 Mini Swiss Rolls

Terms & Conditions:
• Minimum order of 10 boxes is required per collection per location.
• 5% Discount entitled with minimum order of 15 boxes.
• Pre-order 3 days in advance is required.
• Minimum of 50% Non-Refundable deposit is required upon ordering
• All pastries must be kept in fridge.
• Collection before 12pm only.
• Pastries must be distributed to your guests within the same day of collection to ensure freshness of product.